What Makes a Great Dealership

July 6,2021

At Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Christmas Way, our sales team has served our friends and neighbours for decades. While our vehicle models have changed over the years, the qualities that make a dealership great have not. Our customers value our vast inventory, knowledgeable salespeople, number-crunching finance team, and talented service technicians. 
Vast Inventory 
We understand that colourful brochures and website searches can only do so much to help you narrow down your decision-making. At some point, you’re going to need to kick the tires and test drive the real thing. 
Once you’ve decided on the make and model you are interested in, you need to see it in person. At Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we pride ourselves on keeping a varied inventory of both new and used vehicles. 
A top-quality dealership should be able to show you all the colours, seating packages, features, and technologies that new models offer. If a used car is more your speed, you should take your time looking through all your options. 
With Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you can use our website to search through our new inventory. You can also take some time to look through our inventory of around 500 pre-owned vehicles before you decide to come down to the dealership and look at the vehicles in person. 
If you don’t think we have what you’re looking for, contact us. It’s unlikely we won’t be able to put our hands on just what you need! 
No matter what your business, people make the difference. We know that is true because we see the evidence every day in the countless ways our team makes our customers feel at home. 
We don’t hassle or nag or follow you around the dealership, asking question after question and trying to make small talk. Buying a new car is an investment, and we know that investments take time and space to think. We respect both.  
All our salespeople are professionals and thoroughly trained in our brand. We answer your questions based on our knowledge and years of experience. We listen, make recommendations, and give advice after hearing about your priorities. 
A good dealership has a team of people who work for you, getting you the information you need in a thoughtful and timely way so that you can make important decisions. 
Finance Team
We’ve heard before that when it comes time to talk about the financing of a new or used vehicle, customers get anxious or begin to feel uneasy. We get it! No one ever feels totally at ease discussing their finances with strangers. 
Our finance team at Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is a cut above the rest. We know how important it is that our customers have a manageable, understandable finance agreement that isn’t a burden.  
Our team works hard to make sure you feel comfortable and understand your financing agreement completely. We want you to be happy with your purchase – and all the fine print, too! 
One way you may feel more secure about financing is to do a little research ahead of coming into the dealership. While this isn’t mandatory, if you’re feeling a bit unsure about how much you might be able to put toward a car or you’re a little insecure about what your monthly payment should be, we encourage you to look at our online tools. 
Before you even come down to the dealership, you can use our online Financing Tools to think through your budget, apply for credit, even look at how much you can get for a trade-in. We know that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you’ll feel. 
If you have questions about any part of the financing information you find online, go ahead and call our Finance Team. They are happy to help you think through financing at any point in the car-buying process. 
Service Department 
When you leave our dealership in your new vehicle, our relationship has just begun. Regularly scheduled maintenance is vital to the health of your vehicle. Our service technicians are specifically trained on our brands and know just what to do to keep you safe and on the road. 
For added convenience, book your regular maintenance service appointments online. We respect your time and work hard to keep on schedule, so you aren’t left waiting. We are even open on Saturdays for those times your schedule won’t allow you to come in during the week. 
Our top-notch dealership knows you must have the added confidence of a qualified, talented team of diagnosticians who work hard to get you where you need to be! 
About Us 
Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Christmas Way is a great dealership. We keep a vast inventory from which you can choose; we have only the best and brightest folks on staff who value your time, are ready to answer questions, put you at ease, and make you feel at home. Great people make the difference. See how the people at Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will make a difference for you.

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