Trekking With a Jeep Trailhawk

September 15,2021

At Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our team understands you’ve got places to go, and you need a vehicle that can get you there. You’ve never seen anything quite like the Jeep Trailhawk. With luxury in abundance and capabilities that won’t stop until you get where you want to go, this vehicle provides the best of both worlds. 
There’s a reason the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV ever – and the Trailhawk model is just one more example of why our friends and neighbours love this brand. Luxurious interiors and plenty of cargo space, off-roading capabilities, and the latest and greatest technologies mean this SUV won’t stop until you’re ready. Let’s GO! 
Interiors & Cargo Space 
From the cockpit of the Trailhawk, you’ll notice right away the attention to detail you’ve come to appreciate with the Jeep Brand. Easily transitioning between a day spent off-roading and a night on the town, the Trailhawk sports standard leather/suede seats for the most versatile interior on the road.
Treat yourself to the Sound & Sun Package, which provides both open-air and solid tunes for the journey! The Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof offers endless views and the Vitamin D dose we all long for after a long winter. Even the rear-seat passengers will enjoy this large window that allows access to wide-open spaces.  
You won’t miss even one downbeat with the Alpine Premium Audio System featuring a 12-channel 506-watt amplifier, nine speakers, and an 8-inch subwoofer. We’ve thought of everything! From The Wiggles to The Beatles, you’re sure to enjoy your favourite tunes while forging a new path. 
You’ll find room for all you need with a cargo space large enough for a quick weekend getaway or a week-long camping excursion. Fold-down the rear seats for even more space for all your most important cargo!

Capabilities & Performance 
Adrenaline-inducing engine choices pack a major punch in the Trailhawk. Match your power to the engine that best suits you, and don’t let your foot off the gas! 
The Trailhawk comes with the Trail Rated capability you’ve come to expect. When a Jeep Brand vehicle wears the coveted Trail Rated badge, that means the vehicle has shown exceptional capacity in various harsh road conditions. Critical areas of testing are traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording.  
Head over the river and through the woods without second-guessing yourself with the Trail Rated Trailhawk. Increased ground clearance of up to 10.8 inches, high air intakes, and special water sealing will get you through up to 20 inches of water, too. So forge ahead – going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house is waiting! 
Our advanced 4×4 system gives you the ultimate traction by transferring up to 100% of engine torque to a single rear wheel. Unpredictable terrain suddenly becomes way more manageable with that kind of available grip and maneuverability. 
Trail Rated Features include Tow Hooks, High-Strength Skid Plates, and Kevlar-reinforced tires, all engineered to conquer any trail you want to traverse. Protecting your Trailhawk and providing you with capabilities beyond the highway is what we do best! 
Uconnect 4C NAV with 8.4-inch Intuitive Display is standard in all Trailhawks. This means you’ll have smartphone accessibility no matter how far you roam. Stay connected to all your contacts, playlists, podcasts, and favourite navigation tools. 
The SiriusXM Guardian ensures you stay connected with your vehicle in ways you’ve never dreamt of. This feature allows you to lock/unlock doors, remote start, find your vehicle, stay on top of essential systems like oil life and fuel levels – all from the palm of your hand. You can also connect to an operator for an SOS call or roadside assistance. 
Concerned about keeping your rear-seat passengers entertained? Our 4G LTE Wi-Fi Technology provides connectivity for up to eight devices, which means no one is left with a reason to be bored.  
For the ultimate in connection, Jeep has teamed with Amazon to bring you the convenience of Alexa – right in your vehicle. Add to your Amazon shopping list or adjust your thermostat or lighting systems at home while you’re driving. Or, from inside your home, you can ask Alexa to start your vehicle, check fuel levels, and send an address for navigation directly to your Trailhawk. This capability is so close to “The Jetsons” – all we can do now is wait for the SUV to fly! 
About Us 
Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram works hard to bring our friends and neighbours top-quality vehicles while excelling in customer service. 
Buying a car is an investment. You need time and space to consider all your options. We respect both. At Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, you can expect to receive helpful answers to your questions based on our extensive experience and knowledge of our brand. 
Kick the tires. Take a test drive. Ask us all your questions. Let us figure out a way – together – to put a set of Trailhawk keys in your hands – TODAY!

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