Should you trade in your vehicle or sell it yourself?

June 30,2022

It is a question that many consumers buying a new or pre-owned vehicle have. Is it better to trade in your current vehicle to the dealership or sell it yourself? The answer depends on many factors but what we can tell you is that trading in your vehicle does have some noteworthy benefits.
For starters, you can get your deal done faster with the trade-in. The dealership will give you an amount of money for your trade-in, and when it is time to collect your next vehicle, they will simply take the keys and give you your new vehicle. Nothing more, nothing less and you don’t have to spend any time trying to sell it yourself.
Although the amount of money that you receive for your trade is less than the market value, that doesn’t mean that trading it in is a bad choice right now.
The value of pre-owned vehicles has increased considerably in recent years. Therefore, you might get more money than you thought when you trade in your vehicle. Moreover, we need to remember that when you trade in a vehicle, the amount of money that you receive is applied before taxes are calculated. The amount that you would give as a down payment is calculated after taxes.
Therefore, it is always a wise decision to compare the actual value of the trade-in with the value you received by selling it yourself because sometimes, the difference is not that significant. Especially given all of the time you save by trading in your vehicle. Give us a call today to learn more about all of the benefits you receive by trading in your vehicle.

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