Safety Features That Make a Difference

May 11,2021

At Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Christmas Way, we want you to know that whether you come into our dealership to look around or you drive off our lot in a new vehicle, your safety is our number one priority.  
We have undertaken important precautions to ensure that our staff, loyal customers, and members of our community are safe when they visit our dealership. During this difficult time, we want to remind you that your safety is always important to us. 
Also, we are proud to work with automobile manufacturers who prioritize driver safety. Our 2020 Jeep Cherokee has the most airbags in its class, including an overhead airbag, used to protect in the event of a rollover or side collision. With a reinforced high-strength steel frame, we feel confident that you are in one of the safest vehicles on the road. 
Street Smarts
Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection 
Don’t worry about that pesky blind spot anymore! Should a vehicle enter your blind spot, an icon will illuminate in the corresponding side mirror, alerting you to the fact that it is unsafe to change lanes. While nothing is better than checking behind you with your own eyes, how comforting it is to know you have a backup to alert you, just in case! 
Rear Cross Path Detection alerts you if a vehicle is crossing behind you while your vehicle is in reverse and slowly accelerating (usually out of a parking space in a crowded parking lot).
Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking 
If you’re travelling at a rate of speed that is too fast for the traffic ahead of you and for whatever reason, you don’t take action to decrease your rate of speed, we alert you with an audible chime, a visual warning, and then, if you take no action, coming to a complete stop if necessary to save you from a collision. 
LaneSense Lane Departure Warning System 
Should you veer into a lane of traffic that is not your own, LaneSense will alert you with both visual and audible warnings.  If you don’t take corrective action, the system will gently correct you and maintain your lane. 

Electronic Stability Control
When activated, this safety feature uses an entire network of sensors and 4WD systems to help maintain vehicle control when you’ve veered out of your lane. It also corrects oversteer or understeer to keep you headed in the direction you need to go!

Premium Parking Technology 
ParkSense Rear Park Assist with Stop 
With ParkSense technology, you’ll never back over a bicycle in a driveway again! This system alerts you if your vehicle gets too close to any obstacle in your path when you’re reversing. If you don’t stop, our safety systems will stop you.
ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera 
One of the most common but most useful safety features, the Rear Back-Up Camera displays what is immediately behind you onto your dashboard screen as soon as you put your vehicle in reverse. Using helpful gridlines to help navigate into difficult parking spots and avoiding whatever may be in your path, this simple but vitally important safety feature is standard on most models. 
Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist with Full Stop 
Often the most nerve-wracking part of the driver’s test, parallel and perpendicular parking is intimidating no more. With Park Assist, you have nothing to worry about. This system recognizes open parking spaces and steers the vehicle while directing you to shift gears and operate the brake and accelerator. It’s literally that easy! 
Adaptive Cruise Control 
All you do is select your preferred speed and distance between your vehicle and others in traffic. This system does the rest. Maintaining your speed and preferred distance, the system accelerates and brakes when necessary, even coming to a complete stop to await traffic variations and then accelerating when appropriate. 
Keyless Enter ‘N Go 
This may not seem like a safety feature; however, if you’re trying to get in your vehicle in a hurry it most certainly can be! No fumbling for your key in a tense situation. All you have to do to open the door is to have the fob on your person. Get close to your vehicle. Pull the door handle, and you’re in! It’s that fast and easy. Once you’re inside, you don’t need to find the key to start the engine, either. Just press the Start/Stop button while applying the brake. Presto! You’re off! 
Automatic Headlamps 
Automatic headlamps detect light from oncoming traffic and either turn on your high or low beams depending on the light detected. You don’t have to remember to be courteous to oncoming traffic anymore – the system does it for you! 
Rain-Sensing Wipers
Performing exactly the way you assume, these wipers sense rain on the windshield and automatically begin wiping. Does it get any easier?
Our dedicated salespeople at Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram want a chance to show you all the ways we can protect you and the ones you love most. You’ll be surprised how confident you feel

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