2024 Ram 1500 Review: A Deep Dive into the TRX Model

June 18,2024

Key Features and Updates for the 2024 Ram 1500 TRX

The 2024 Ram 1500 remains a formidable contender in the competitive full-size pickup truck market. With its blend of power, comfort, and cutting-edge features, it’s clear why the Ram 1500 remains a favorite among truck enthusiasts. This year, the lineup sees a few significant updates, especially in the TRX model, which is already making waves with its remarkable performance and luxurious amenities.

The 2024 Ram 1500 continues to offer various powerful engine options to meet the diverse needs of truck buyers. From the efficient V6 to the robust V8s, there’s an engine for everyone, ensuring that whether you’re towing heavy loads or seeking a smooth highway ride, the Ram 1500 delivers.


Gobs of Power: Thanks to its supercharged V8 engine, the TRX delivers astonishing power.
TRX-Specific Suspension: Designed to handle both off-roading and on-pavement driving with ease, providing a comfortable ride no matter where you go.
Upscale Cabin: The interior has high-end features, ensuring you travel in comfort and style.

What’s New

Discontinued Turbodiesel Engine: The fuel-efficient diesel option is no longer available.
Final Edition TRX Package: Includes new paint options, extra equipment, and unique interior details.
Upcoming Changes: The 2025 redesign will replace the V8 engines with turbocharged 6-cylinder units and introduce an electric model with a range-extending gasoline engine.

Ride Quality: A Legacy of Comfort

Back in 2009, Ram made a significant shift from the traditional leaf-spring rear suspension to a more modern coil-spring setup. This move dramatically improved ride quality, especially when the truck bed was unloaded or navigating uneven roads. Today, the 2024 Ram 1500 remains the only truck in its class to feature this suspension, making it stand out for its smoother ride and better off-road performance.

Ram’s decision to innovate in suspension technology wasn’t just about incremental improvements; it was a bold step towards redefining what drivers can expect from a pickup truck. The coil-spring setup provides a dual advantage—it offers superior comfort during daily commutes and ensures exceptional stability and control when tackling challenging terrain or hauling heavy loads. 

This cutting-edge suspension system absorbs shocks more effectively than its leaf-spring counterparts, reducing vibrations and jolts plaguing pickup trucks on rough roads.

Competitors to Consider

Ford F-150: The F-150 edges out the Ram in some aspects, particularly its efficient hybrid powertrain.
Toyota Tundra: Recently redesigned, the Tundra offers fewer midrange trim choices but remains a solid competitor.
Chevrolet Silverado: The Ram’s ride quality surpasses the Silverado’s, giving it a notable advantage.

Performance: The TRX in Action

The TRX’s performance is nothing short of spectacular. Its supercharged V8 engine can propel the truck from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds—on par with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye. The powerful engine, thunderous exhaust, and supercharger whine create a thrilling driving experience.

But it’s not just about raw speed; the TRX embodies a perfect blend of power and precision. The truck’s advanced suspension system, featuring Bilstein Black Hawk e2 adaptive performance shocks, ensures a smooth ride over the roughest terrains. Meanwhile, its robust four-wheel-drive system provides unparalleled traction and stability, allowing drivers to tackle off-road challenges confidently

Breaking and Handling

The TRX’s brakes are equally impressive. They bring the truck from 60 mph to a stop in just 130 feet—a shorter distance than the Ford Raptor and Jeep Rubicon 392. This remarkable braking performance is achieved through advanced technology, robust brake components, and the TRX’s well-engineered weight distribution. 

The high-performance brake system ensures drivers can rely on the TRX to stop quickly and safely, even in demanding situations. This provides an added layer of confidence on rugged off-road trails or busy highways.

Off-Road Capability

Designed for high-speed off-road adventures, the TRX features impressive ground clearance and sophisticated long-travel suspension. This unique combination allows the TRX to glide over uneven terrain effortlessly, absorb large bumps, and maintain stability at high speeds, ensuring a thrilling and safe experience for drivers. 

The TRX’s advanced suspension system enhances its off-road capabilities and provides a comfortable ride, mitigating the jarring impacts typical of rough landscapes. Additionally, the TRX’s robust build ensures durability, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts who crave adrenaline-pumping escapades.

Comfort: Luxurious and Practical

For a truck built to conquer rugged terrains at high speeds, the 2024 Ram 1500 TRX offers surprising comfort. The suspension and large sidewalls absorb most road imperfections, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough roads. At freeway speeds, the Sport setting enhances stability.

Interior Comfort

The TRX’s cabin is designed to keep you comfortable even after a long day of off-roading. The climate control system performs well, even in extreme heat, maintaining an ideal temperature regardless of the external conditions. This means you can focus on your adventure without worrying about the weather. 

While the seats are generally comfortable, they could benefit from additional support for off-road driving. Enhanced lumbar and lateral support would be particularly useful, providing better stability and reducing fatigue during rough terrains. 

Furthermore, integrating more adjustable features could allow for a more personalized seating experience, accommodating drivers of all sizes and preferences. While the TRX offers a robust driving environment, a few refinements could elevate its comfort to match its rugged performance.

Conclusion: Why the 2024 Ram 1500 TRX Deserves Your Attention

The 2024 Ram 1500 TRX stands out with its powerful performance, advanced suspension system, and luxurious interior. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that can tackle challenging terrains or offers a comfortable ride for everyday use, the TRX delivers on all fronts.

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