Our Favourite Car Exterior Features

March 19,2021

Exterior features often make the most impact, with very little exultation. From modern colour schemes to tri-pane panoramic sunroofs, Chrysler offers the consumer sleek, professional features without enormous added cost. Our knowledgeable team at Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram knows what looks great without breaking your budget.   
2020 Dodge Challenger SXT 
Made in Brampton, Ontario, the 2020 Dodge Challenger SXT is everything you imagine it to be. A historical favourite, the updated 2020 Dodge Challenger packs a punch both in exterior and interior features. We have one ready for you to test drive on the lot today at Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. 
As a 2020 model, the Challenger has a surprising vintage feel. SXT, an abbreviation for Standard eXTra, demonstrates exactly what you’re getting with this model: Extra. The colour scheme and trademark Chrysler grille enhance the look of this sporty car.  
Colour Scheme 
Available in a number of bright and modern colours, it’s a new colour scheme that’s caught our eye: Smoke Show. Created after the outcry over the discontinuation of Destroyer Grey, this similarly muted battleship-grey hue evokes a feeling of mystery, of daring…of adventure. If you opt to add racing stripes, well, there’s no stopping you.  
Other Exterior Features
A Challenger wouldn’t be a Challenger without the popular Chrysler grille badge, body-colour rear spoiler with an integrated camera, LED taillamps, dual bright exhaust tips, and 18-inch Satin Carbon aluminum wheels. 
This car does not disappoint.  

Chrysler 300S 
While Chrysler is typically known for its minivans, the Chrysler 300S provides the consumer with a sleek and sophisticated mid-sized car option. 
The 300S is a next-tier package with the S Model Appearance Package coming standard on all V8 engine-equipped models. This includes an SRT front fascia with body-colour applique. 
The body-colour applique designed by Fiat Chrysler’s Street & Racing Technology team gives the front of the car a sleek, professional look. Maintaining body colour, instead of breaking up the front fascia with a muted black or grey, evokes a luxurious feel.  
Also included in this package is in SRT LED fog lamp, side sills, and spoiler. The Red S Appearance Package features 20-inch Black Noise aluminum wheels, Black Noise winged badges with red insert, Black 300S badging with a red “S” insert, and a Gloss Black front fascia applique. 
For those unsure about Black Noise tires, that means the entire tire is black. Chrome hubcaps are a thing of the past with this sophisticated look, and that subtle colour change makes a real difference in keeping with the sleek exterior.    
Chrysler Pacifica 
We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the incredibly convenient exterior features that we love most about the Chrysler Pacifica. While it’s technically not a car, this best-selling model minivan has exterior features that can’t be beaten.  
Hands-Free Power Sliding Side Doors 
One of the most sought-after exterior features, the hands-free power sliding side doors allow the fob holder to open the sliding side door by waving a foot under the sensor panel of the door. A lifesaver when your arms are full, this feature is a must-have.    
Hands-Free Power Liftgate 
The hands-free power liftgate is sure to please. Fob holders can open the back liftgate by simply waving a foot under the sensor. Closing the liftgate with an easy press of a button on the inside panel means the consumer no longer has to try to slam shut a liftgate hatch, only to settle in the driver’s seat and have the sensor alert that the hatch is still open. With the automatic close button, the liftgate closes on its own, every time.   
Together, the hands-free sliding side doors and the power liftgate are a must-have for anyone utilizing the cargo area of the minivan with any frequency. Convenience is imperative, and these two features are hard to beat in terms of “favourites.”   
Tri-Pane Panoramic Power Sunroof 
At the push of a button, the tri-pane panoramic sunroof opens so everyone, even those in the backseat, can access fresh air and a scenic view.  
This sunroof isn’t the sunroof of long ago. This sunroof has three separate panes, allowing everyone in the car a view. If this feature had been around when we were kids, there would have been a lot less arguing! 
These are just a sampling of the exterior features we have available to suit your budget and tastes. Come to Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dodge Jeep Ram on Christmas Way and let our team walk you through more favourites.

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