Options for Financing Your Next Car

July 20,2021

We’ve been serving our friends and neighbours in Coquitlam long enough to observe that no matter how excited folks seem to be about kicking the car’s wheels, test driving the car, and running through all its cool features, people get anxious when it’s time to talk financing. 
At Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our top-notch finance team wants to put you at ease. There are many options available to you for financing your next vehicle. We just have to work together to find which suits you best. 
What You Can Do 
We have several tools on our website to help you plan for financing your new car. Our finance application is available online. You can apply at home and bring your approved application with you. 
Remember, our finance team is here to help you. You can call on us before you even come to the dealership and ask questions and seek advice. We will very likely be able to alleviate undue anxiety or concerns. Don’t get anxious, get busy – and let us help!
If you’re apprehensive about your finances, there are a few things you can do before you even come down to the lot that may make you feel more confident. 

Think Through Your Budget. Analyze your monthly budget carefully. How much money do you bring in, and how much money do you send out? A good rule of thumb is your new car payment should not be more than 15% of your monthly take-home pay. If you’re buying a used car, it shouldn’t be more than 10%.  

The last thing we want is for you to sign a financial agreement that is a burden and causes stress every month. That takes all the fun out of owning a car! 
When you’re thinking about buying a new car, ask your insurance company about insurance premiums and set aside a little every month for general maintenance, too. 

Get Your Credit Score. Your credit score is a numerical rating of your credit. If you’ve paid your bills on time, have a good debt to income ratio, and don’t have any outstanding delinquencies, you have every reason to expect a good score. Check any of the free credit score companies available for your score before you come. Typically, but not always, the credit score you’d want to have to buy a new car is around 650. If your credit score is not 650, don’t panic. Call a member of our Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram finance team and talk about your options. 

Value Your Trade-In. We value your trade-in. Our inventory of pre-owned vehicles is in constant flux. We like knowing we can buy from our customers. We pay top dollar for quality used cars and enjoy buying from our customers.  

Check Out Our Website. We don’t hide our factory or dealership incentives. We post them right on our website. The fact is, we want you to be able to drive off our lot in the car you choose! We’ll do everything we can to help you make that happen. 

Sometimes the new car of your dreams might be slightly out of reach. Don’t worry! It may very well be that the same car, or a very close version, is available at a lower price in our pre-owned inventory. It’s worth investigating to get the vehicle you want. 
There are several advantages to pre-owned vehicles. There is no depreciation like you would get if you were buying a new car. There are lots of makes, models, and features available. If you’re patient and we take our time, it may be that you’re able to find something so comparable to new, it becomes too good a deal to refuse. For the savvy shopper, pre-owned is a must-see! 

What to Expect 
Our knowledgeable sales team knows our brand. If you have a question, we have an answer. You can count on us to help you think through all your options. We offer thoughtful advice based on our years of experience. 
We will not follow you around the lot, hovering and continually trying to engage you in small talk. We respect the fact that you need time and space to think and look. We have all the time you need. We work on your schedule, not the other way around. 
You can expect a financing team ready to work with you, crunching numbers for as long as it takes, to help you find the car that suits you best. We won’t make you feel intimidated or uneasy. We are trained in finding solutions that work, and we take pride in helping our friends and neighbours find the vehicle they need and want. 
Don’t get anxious about financing. Call our finance team at Journey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram TODAY to walk through your first steps of car ownership.

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