Custom Builds

Pick Your Budget, Pick Your Build!

Stage 1
The Pavement Princess


This is for anyone looking to enhance the look of their vehicle while being budget cautious.

Your choice of either 18” or 20” wheels paired with a set of 33” tires of your choosing. Professionally mounted, balanced, and installed on your vehicle.

Stage 2
The Mall Crawler


This is for anyone looking to enhance the look and capability of their vehicle while still not breaking the bank.

Choose from various 18” or 20” wheels and 35” tires. Professionally mounted and balanced with OEM Mopar sensors, 2.5” levelling kit, and spare tire spacer kit installed.

Stage 3
The Beginner


This is a perfect entry-level kit for the person wanting to go/learn “off-roading.” This will give you better off-road parts and the tools to get out of trouble if needed.

Everything in Stage 2 but substitutes the levelling kit for 2.5” Mopar suspension lift, Fox racing shocks, and adds a freedom recovery gear kit.

Stage 4
The Weekend Warrior


This is for you if you know what you’re doing and what you need on your rig. This kit opens you up to adding more accessories to your rig to better handle the trail.

Includes everything in Stage 3 and adds a steel modular front bumper and steel rear bumper. Includes front skid plate and reinforced spare tire carrier and rear door hinge.

Stage 5
The Pro


No entry-level sh*t here, you know what you’re doing and you have been around the block. This kit gets you more durable parts that are made to take a beating, allowing you to tackle the most advanced trails.

This kit includes everything in Stage 4 but substitutes the 2.5” Mopar lift for a 3.5” Teraflex RT3 short arm kit. This kit includes an alpine IR short control arm kit, front and rear heavy-duty forged adjustable track bars, front and rear track bar axle brackets, front and rear speedbump progressive bump stop kit. Front sway bar quick disconnects and rear sway bar link kit. Also substitutes the Fox shocks for Falcon 2.1 shocks and the 35” tires for 37” tires.

Not satisfied with any of these kits?

Ask about adding accessories or about creating a custom build.