A few reasons why trading in your vehicle can be more beneficial than selling it yourself

June 27,2022

If you are about to replace your current vehicle, you may be wondering if you should trade it in or sell it yourself. Although both options have their benefits, we thought we would look at a few reasons why trading in your vehicle may be more advantageous for you.
It makes the process a lot easier
It is a lot easier to trade in a vehicle than trying to sell it yourself. When you trade in your vehicle, all you have to do is bring the keys with you when you collect your next vehicle and everything will be taken care of for you. If you sell your vehicle yourself, you don’t know how long it will take and you have to spend quite a bit of time preparing your vehicle to be sold and also preparing your vehicle for the random test drives that you will have to do with strangers. You also have to be available on evenings and weekends to show your vehicle.
You don’t have to worry what happens after the transaction
When you trade in your vehicle, you are no longer responsible for the vehicle after the transaction. When you sell your vehicle yourself, an unexpected problem could come back and surprise you if the new owner believes that you were responsible for the problem. In other words, trading in your vehicle gives you a lot more peace of mind.
The value of your trade-in may be more than you think
We are not going to sit here and tell you that trading in your vehicle will necessarily get you more money than selling it yourself. What we can tell you is that selling your vehicle yourself and using the money as a down payment means that the value is applied after taxes. If you trade in your vehicle, the value you receive is applied before taxes. This narrows the gap between the value of the trade-in and the value of your vehicle on the market. Moreover, pre-owned vehicle values have significantly increased in recent months. That means that you may get more for your trade-in than you thought. Give us a call today to learn more.

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