2023 Ram 1500 vs 2023 Ford F-150

December 13,2022

In the full-size pickup category, competition is fierce to win over consumers. Quite frankly, all three U.S. manufacturers are doing an excellent job of delivering the goods. Their offerings to the market are all impressive.

However, one stands out from the pack and is being recognized throughout the media; the Ram 1500.

What are the reasons for this? There are many, but here are the most important ones.


When you rely on a pickup for your work, you really want to be able to rely on it most of the time. So it’s important to choose the most reliable model.

In this case, the choice is simple, because all the surveys prove that the Ram 1500 does better in terms of reliability than the Ford F-150. One of them is the one conducted by Consumer Reports magazine. It also concludes that the Ram is also more durable over time than a Ford F-150 (nearly 400,000 km of use rather than 320,000 km for Ford).

The ride

With its available air suspension, no other pickup offers the luxury and smoothness of the Ram 1500. Just take the wheel of any competitive model and jump into a Ram 1500 to realize how incredible the difference is. Take the test and you’ll see; you’ll come to the same conclusion. It’s that obvious.


Fod decided last year to withdraw its diesel offering from the market. That’s their choice. At Ram, our EcoDiesel engine is still available. It makes towing a breeze with its generous 260 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque.

Then there’s the fuel economy. Yes, diesel is a bit more expensive, but with a fuel economy of two to three liters per 100 kilometers, the math is easy. The Ram EcoDiesel will impress you at the pump.

While Ford has long been the leader in the pickup segment, it’s time to rethink the established order. It’s a well-known fact that the Ram 1500 has been the most awarded model by various associations for the past few years. If you haven’t yet taken the time to discover it, it’s high time you did. You won’t regret it.

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